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  • December: End-of-Year Campaign, Holiday Activities
  • November: End-of-Year Campaign, EOFT, Holiday Food Baskets
  • October: Holiday Activities, Each One, Feed Two
  • September: Planned Giving, Meet Logan, AZZIP Pizza
  • August: Online Auction, Client Story
  • July: August Auction, EOFO Totals, Christmas in July
  • June: POPP-UP, Summer Intern, Each One Feed One
  • May: Updated service hours, Miles for MCUM
  • April: COVID-19 Update
  • March: Hunger Games, Homemade Laundry Soap, Spring Tea & Auction
  • February: Childcare crisis, EOY recap, Volunteer Story
  • January: Your Path 1-year Anniversary, New Social Work Intern, New Development Associate, Holiday Recap


  • December: New Executive Director, EOY Campaign, Holiday Giving Opportunities, Special Thanks Yous
  • November: End of the Year Campaign, Volunteer Feature, Call out for Winter Break Volunteers
  • October: Fall Activities at Compass, Meet our new intern and Compass-North Site Director, Holiday Giving Opportunities, Kay Goodman speaks at Community Action Partnership conference.
  • September: EOFO Report, Compass Classroom Feature, Thank you EOFO volunteers
  • August: EOFO Food Drive, Christmas in July, Summer Campaign, Thank you: Headley Quarter Horse & HFI
  • July: Your Path, Summer Campaign, Endowment Campaign, EOFO Food Drive, Current Needs
  • June: Maternal Health Fair, ‘Your Path’ Coaching, Happy Birthday MCUM, Eliminating Generational Poverty
  • May: First Quarter Report, Compass Teachers Honored, Thank you, Boy Scouts, Farewell Alex
  • April: Hunger Games Reach Halfway Mark, Welcome, Sherene Ing, Spring Luncheon News
  • March: Hunger Games – Join the Fight; Thank you, Corporate Sponsors; Spring Luncheon Preview
  • February: End-of-Year Final Figure, Meet Jennifer Sons our new Development Associate, A Compass Family Story
  • January: Corporate Sponsorship makes a difference, Welcome Kay Goodman, Holiday wishes come true


  • December: Your Path Program launching soon, End-of-Year Campaign approaches its goal, & a thank you to departing board members
  • November: Announcing our end-of-year campaign, A Compass Family Story, Call out for Winter Break Volunteers
  • October: Food Pantry Sponsorship Program, Welcome Megan Stahly, Holiday Giving Opportunities
  • September: EOFO Thanks, New Faces, and New Microlending Program
  • August: EOFO, Forging new partnerships, Supporter Spotlight
  • July: Summer Fundraiser, EOFO, & a farewell.
  • June: Sponsor a Swimmer, Happy Birthday Opportunity House, Access to Proper Hygiene
  • May: Teacher Appreciation Week, Hunger Games Update, First Quarter Outcomes Report
  • April: Hunger Games Update, Agency Celebrations, Spring Luncheon Speaker Announcement!
  • March: Hunger Games Launch, New Self-Sufficiency Partnership, Spring Luncheon Preview
  • February: ‘Be the Light’ Impact, ’16 vs ’17 Self-Sufficiency Outputs, New Compass Classrooms
  • January: Compass Expansion Complete!, ‘Be the Light’ Campaign Update


  • December: Second Compass Expansion, MCUM’s Year-in-Review!
  • November: ‘Be the Light’ Campaign Kick-Off, New Program Launch!
  • October: Your Brain on Poverty, Holiday Giving Announcements
  • September: Each One, Feed One results, Compass Early Learning Center grand opening!
  • August: Each One, Feed One. Move with MCUM. And more!
  • July: The fundraising issue! Learn about the impact each donation makes and why we do the work we do at MCUM.
  • June: Learn about MCUM’s graduation celebration, an upcoming fundraiser, and our Annual Report.
  • May Spring fundraising updates, childcare staff appreciation, and more!
  • March: Learn about the MCUM Hunger Games, Spring Luncheon, and one of our wonderful childcare families.


  • November: Help us add up as we count down! 2016 YTD Outcomes, and more!
  • October: Learn about all of our Holiday Opportunities!
  • September: The Buzz about High-Quality, Accredited Childcare
  • August: Each One, Feed One, the MCUM Justice League, and more!
  • June: New food pantry plans, client stories, the importance of cleaning and hygiene items, and EOFO save the date!
  • May: A testimonial from a Childcare family, MCUM’s ‘Hunger Games’ results, and a story about our summer swim lessons fill the pages of this month’s newsletter.
  • April: Hear Kaydee’s story and how MCUM’s Emergency Services program helped her family, learn how local Cub Scouts are working with MCUM to make a difference, and more!
  • March: Learn about our FUNdraisers this year and ways to be involved!
  • February : Meet our new early childhood therapy intern, learn about our great MLK day volunteers, and prepare for the MCUM Hunger Games.


  • December: Learn about the leaders in our End-of-Year campaign and the impact you are having. Also help us thank those who have gone above and beyond this month!
  • November: Premier of our “We Believe” annual campaign! Learn about the impact your end-of-year donations really have on the community. Fun extra: tips for hosting a successful food drive!
  • October: Meet some of the new faces around MCUM and learn about our brand new playground!
  • September: Help us celebrate MCUM’s success with our 2015 Each One Feed One food drive! Get an exciting agency update on our new mission statement and learn about MCUM’s impact on the community so far this year.
  • August: Volunteer with MCUM in our 10th annual Each One Feed One community food drive! Test your skills in our back-to-school test, and check out our 2014 annual report.
  • July: Meet one of our former students who turned to MCUM in her time of need and learn about three exciting ways you can get involved with our upcoming Each One Feed One community food drive.
  • June: Join us in congratulating the graduating class of preschoolers who are moving on to kindergarten and first grade this August! Get an update on their academic achievements, as well as our upcoming Each One Feed One community food drive.
  • May: MCUM supporters sprung into action at the 11th annual Spring Luncheon! Read about the success of the MCUM Hunger Games and meet the 2015 Victors. Get an update on MCUM’s most recent impact and activities and how you can get involved.
  • April: Learn why four generations in a single family chose MCUM for childcare, get updates on the Match Madness and Hunger Games campaigns, and read about the exciting array of auction items that will be at the Spring Into Action Luncheon & Auction on April 26!
  • March: Gear up for our exciting spring events! This year’s endowment campaign will tip off with Match Madness and our spring food drive is re-imagined at the MCUM Hunger Games.
  • February: Help us welcome Erin Predmore, MCUM’s new Executive Director, and Liz Lopez, the newest Emergency Services caseworker who joined the team in November.


  • December: Join us in wishing MCUM’s beloved Executive Director a happy retirement, celebrate the holidays by giving to MCUM’s end of year campaign, and learn about Opportunity House’s special holiday sales.
  • November: Impact MCUM with a holiday gift! Learn about our holiday giving opportunities, winter food drive, and new garden.
  • October: Celebrate MCUM’s 75th Anniversary at our Community Open House and learn about MCUM’s preschool chef, Denise Garret.
  • September: The Each One, Feed One food drive was a community success! Also read about our upcoming Open House and learn more about a member of the childcare staff.
  • August: MCUM’s annual Each One, Feed One Food Drive is just around the corner! Meet new staff members and learn about healthy summer eating habits.
  • July: We’re celebrating MCUM’s 75th Anniversary by walking in the Bloomington Fourth of July Parade! Read about our upcoming “Each One, Feed One” Food Drive and ongoing Matchstick campaign.
  • June: Grow MCUM with Matchstick; MCUM’s Childcare program recognized; “Each One, Feed One” Save the Date; and more!
  • May: Read reflections on the Spring Luncheon and Feinstein Challenge, learn how you can grow MCUM’s future through Matchstick, and find out about other agency updates.
  • April: MCUM’s Spring Luncheon (April 6) is highlighted, and it’s not too late to make a difference through the Feinstein Challenge! Read about Cub Scouts’ service for MCUM, MCUM’s BOGO Book Fair, and more!
  • March: MCUM’s annual Spring Luncheon is just around the corner! Also soon to come is an exhibit at the Monroe County History Center in honor of MCUM’s 75th anniversary. Plus, find out how you can make a difference through the Feinstein Challenge.
  • February: Volunteers celebrate MLK Day with MCUM! Read about upcoming events, MCUM’s renewed 5-Star Status, and a client’s story.
  • January: Q&A with Executive Director Meri Reinhold about MCUM’s 75-year history, highlights from 2013, and recent childcare happenings (Plus, check out MCUM’s updated newsletter design!)


  • December: Your giving strengthens the Monroe County community!
  • November: MCUM’s annual winter food drive and other holiday activities kick off! Also learn about MCUM’s congregation connections and newest childcare initiative.
  • October: MCUM’s second annual “Never Grow Up!” FUNdraiser is this month! Also read about NAEYC survey results and MCUM’s call for stories and historical documents for its 75th anniversary!
  • September: Read about the success of the “Each One, Feed One” Community Food Drive, an update on Plan Puffin, and more!
  • August: It’s time for the “Each One, Feed One” Community Food Drive! You can also read about major curriculum changes in the Childcare Program and learn about the success of the 2013 Matchstick Program!
  • July: Learn about CLIMBS, the upcoming food drive, and just a few of the people our services benefit.
  • June: Are you ready to volunteer for the “Each One, Feed One” Community Food Drive? Read about just one of the people helped by our Emergency Food Pantry in this month’s newsletter.
  • May: Read the presentation made by a former childcare parent at our recent “Spring Into Action!” luncheon and auction.
  • April: It’s time again to Spring Into Action!
  • March: Get involved with the Feinstein Challenge or the upcoming Spring Luncheon. Learn how brussel sprouts are making a difference in the Childcare Program!
  • January/February: Includes a recap of 2012 and a farewell to Paul Crafton