Our goal is to assist people through the unforeseen hardships of life and to get them back on their feet. Things like sudden injury, illness, loss of employment, divorce, or even the loss of a vehicle can drastically affect a family’s financial situation. MCUM’s coaches provide clients with stabilizing case-management to discuss their needs and circumstances, working with each client to help him/her create a Game Plan for the household to rebuild their self-sufficiency.

In the meantime, MCUM provides basic needs assistance any way we can. Our biggest request for assistance is for food from MCUM’s food pantry, which is one of the largest in Monroe County. Our pantry is client-choice and functions primarily based on what donated items we have available for distribution. This year, we are on track to provide more than double what we did last year. To do so will require an additional 40,000 pounds of food.

YOU can help those in need by putting on your own food drive  intended to be something you can adapt to meet the goals of your group while raising food for MCUM. With our food drive set-up, you can help MCUM collect items that go directly to the hungry… anytime, anywhere, and in any format.



Current Wish List

Check back each month for the most up-to-date list.

Food Drive How-to Guide

Learn more about how our pantry works, our tips for hosting successful food drives, and other pointers that will help your group be successful.

Ready to host your Food Drive?!

That’s wonderful news. Please contact us and let us know how we can support you.

Holiday Opportunities

With the holidays approaching you may also help by sponsoring a family through a Holiday Food Basket or ‘adopting’ a compass family to shop for. More info can be found at www.mcum.org/holiday