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Welcome to Monroe County United Ministries!

Whether you're here to learn more about us, sign up for services, or something else -- we are glad you're here! We seek to improve the lives of the people we serve by helping alleviate and eliminate generational poverty.

We do this through two main programs:

Compass Early Learning Center

  • licensed childcare program for children ages 1-5 years
  • daily meals and snacks
  • accredited curriculum
  • fee determined on a sliding fee scale
  • Paths to Quality Level 3 provider

Self-Sufficiency Center

  • client-choice food pantry
  • cleaning & hygiene products
  • clothing & housewares
  • financial assistance
  • Your Path economic mobility program

Sharon's Story

A $2 raise threatens the stability and well-being of a local family.

Four generations of Compass

MCUM’s childcare program is a family tradition in the Walden family.

The difference we make.

“What I like most about MCUM are the friendly people; They are there to help.” 

- Darla Pruitt

They're so on top of things here. They send individual progress reports home so you know what's going on. The staff even helped me complete all of the financial paperwork. I love this place. I'm so excited to have my kids here.- Montse Lopez

Individuals and families approach MCUM for assistance with their rent/mortgage or utility bills for a variety of reasons. Recently, MCUM was able to help Lisa start a new life in a new home. She had been employed part-time when she became a client of Center for Behavioral Health's treatment program and had to take some time off of work to focus on improving her mental health. Being without a paycheck for several weeks made it difficult for her to pay her rent. MCUM was able to pay Lisa’s first month’s rent in her new apartment away from old acquaintances and negative influences as she began her new life. She has since returned to work and we believe that she will be able to be self-sufficient in the future.

Sometimes a seemingly small need can represent a barrier to someone trying to get back on his feet. We recently saw a man who had been unemployed for several months. He had found a construction job but could not start work until he purchased the proper reinforced boots. The man received a voucher to shop for boots at Opportunity House, where they happened to have an appropriate pair of boots in stock and he was able to start his job the next week.

A single mom with two kids was living with her mother when she was injured at work, resulting in a loss of income while she recovered. The delay in receiving worker’s compensation payments meant the family was soon behind on their bills, despite the grandmother’s continued employment at $7.50 per hour, 30 hours per week. Rent assistance provided allowed the family to stay in their home during this difficult time. The mother quickly returned to work and the household again had enough income to cover their expenses.

A Quick History:

Our name gives a nod to the local faith community which founded us in 1939 and still supports us today, though we are a non-sectarian organization. The agency began as a preschool to serve the "Pigeon Hill" neighborhood of Monroe County, Indiana, but expanded over time to offer a wide array of social services for the entire county. In fact, many services and organizations in the Bloomington area began at MCUM, such as the Community Kitchen and Opportunity House, before becoming agencies of their own. Now, MCUM focuses on childcare, basic needs, and self-sufficiency services in-house, while collaborating with partner agencies that help people meet other needs in their journeys through and out of poverty.

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