Are you interested in working with a coach to improve an area of your  life? Together, we can make that happen! Your Path might be the program for you!

What is Your Path?

Your Path is a FREE, voluntary, and self-driven opportunity.

You will meet with a coach every few weeks to set a goal in one of the areas listed above and work toward achieving it. We will provide incentives (gas cards, snacks, celebrations, etc.!) for your work along the way.

The Your Path program is designed to last 2-3 years, but participants may graduate at any time.

Family Stability

Making sure family needs are met and assistance in assuring stable housing


Physical and emotional health with a focus on personal networks and community resources

Financial Management

Working towards financial security that allows participants to cover basic needs and begin looking at savings and paying off debt

Education & Training

Having the education and training that will allow participants to pursue a well-paying and fulfilling career 

Employment & Career

Finding and retaining a career that is secure and pays a living wage for a participant and their family

Your Path SMART Goals 2021

What do Participants Work on?

Anything you'd like!

The first thing you will do as a Your Path participant is complete a Bridge Assessment to help take stock of your choices!

Some of our current and past participants are doing the following - or a combination of the following:

  • creating a bank account
  • building their savings account to purchase a home or car
  • finding more affordable housing for their family
  • receiving mental health services through a partner organization
  • enrolling in college!
  • completing their GED
  • starting a business

Your coach will serve as your advocate and encouragement while you set your goal. Our coaches can go with you to appointments, help connect you with helpful resources in the community, sit with you while you make phone calls, practice for job interviews, and more!. Our goal is to help YOU achieve YOUR goals!

Not quite sure yet?

Email one of our coaches, Erin or Camden, we would love to chat with you!