Compass Early Learning Center

  • What do I need to bring?
    • Changes of clothes
    • Diapers & wipes (if applicable)
    • Blanket *optional*
    • 1 Small Pillow *optional*
    • 1 Small and soft sleep toy *optional*
  • How do I use the sliding scale to determine my fee?
    • You need to know how large your family is and how much everyone in the household makes in a year before taxes. Find your family size on the left and in that row find the box that has your income. Go straight up and that will be your weekly tuition.
  • What should I do if my child is going to be absent?
    • Please call or email either Director notifying them of your child(ren)’s absence.
  • What age groups do you serve?
    • Puffin Room: Ages 12-30 Months
      • Teachers: Ms. Erika and Mrs. Autumn
    • Seahorse Room: Ages 30-36 Months
      • Teachers: Ms. Ashley and Ms. Lorelle
    • Penguin Room: Ages 3-5 years
      • Ms. Katelyn and Ms. Becca
    • Otter Room: Ages 3-5 years
      • Teachers: Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Jenn
    • Dolphin Room: Ages 3-5 years
      • Teachers: Ms. Kim, Mr. Jaime and Ms. Mary
  • What kind of education are the teachers required to have?
    • We are working on meeting the NAEYC education requirements for teachers which states:
      • Lead Teachers: Must have at least an associate’s degree with a major in early childhood education/equivalent or at least 36 college credits in early childhood education/equivalent.
      • Assistant Teachers/Teacher’s Aides: Must have a CDA or at least 12 college credits in early childhood education/equivalent.

Covid-19 and Compass ELC

  • Do you require masks?
    • Yes, masks are required for all adults and children above 24 months when social distancing requirements are not met.
  • How are public spaces and playgrounds used?
    • Any common spaces that are used by multiple classrooms are sanitized between uses.
  • What are your pick-up and drop-off procedures?
    • Drop-off: Check in by the front door, where your child will receive a temperature check and verbal health check in. You then will escort your child(ren) to their OUTSIDE classroom door.
    • Pick-up: Knock on the outside classroom door, the teacher will collect your child’s things and meet you at the door. If your child’s class is on a playground, you can meet them outside.
  • What other precautions are being taken for Covid-19?
    • Before entering the building all staff must have their temperature taken and masks on. Upon entering the building all staff must wash or sanitize their hands.
    • We try to staff in such a way to minimize our floats/aids entering several different classrooms.
    • Children will eat snacks and meals in their classroom.
    • Children will only be in their assigned classroom or on the playground throughout the day.
    • Upon entering their classroom all children will wash their hands.
  • What is my child is showing symptoms?
    • If your child is showing any Covid-19 symptoms, we require that you stay home. Your child may return after they are 72 hours (3days) symptom free.

Self Suffiency Center

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Covid 19 and the Self Suffiency Center

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