Welcome to MCUM's Board of Directors!

Thank you for your commitment to making Monroe County a better place for families! We're so glad you joined us.

The Board of Directors meets monthly on the Third Tuesday at 11:30 AM on Zoom.

Please use this site as your first point-of-contact for obtaining agency documents, resources, and trainings. Prior to board meetings, there may be action items for you to complete, which can be accessed by clicking the buttons to the right. It is very important you download your board packets and read before the board meeting to allow for meaningful, informed discussion and decision-making.

Important Documents

Board Handbook
Board member job description, board committees, instructions for Thank-You phone calls, and more!

MCUM's Bylaws
The rules that make up MCUM's structure and operations

Board Roster
Listing of current board members & officers along with their contact information.

Additional resources:

Introductory Training for All Board Members

Parliamentary Procedure

MCUM Webinar

Understanding Consent Agendas

Supplemental Training for All Board Members

Maslow's Hierarchy

Fundraising Overview

Understanding Financial Statements

Nonprofit Ready is a database that gives access to thousands of training courses. MCUM uses some of these courses for board and staff member training. Many training courses take less than 30 minutes.

  1. Visit www.nonprofitready.org
  2. Create an account
  3. Complete the following trainings (search using the tab at the top of the screen):
    • Fundraising Essentials (1 hour webinar)
    • Managing Cash Flow (10 minute read)
    • Financial Info & Your Board (4 minute video)
    • Measuring Outcomes (1 hour read)

Committee Chair Training

Coming soon!


Are you part of a group!?

We are always looking for groups to partner with to complete projects, sponsor programs, and collaborate. We are happy to provide custom-created pitches for groups like 100+ Women and 50+ Men Who Care, Rotary, Kiwanis, and other group meetings. Additionally, we have sponsorship opportunities for businesses looking to make a large financial contribution.

Please let us know how we can help!