Match Madness




MCUM supporters came out in droves on March 11, 2015
to support our endowment. A record-breaking amount of
endowment donations were made during the Match Madness event.

In just 25 hours, our supporters were able to raise over $20,000,
more than doubling our goal of $10,000!

The Community Foundation then doubled those funds raised,
making the grand total added to MCUM’s endowment this year


We at MCUM cannot be more thankful for these generous donors
who helped to cement MCUM’s future for years to come.
We are so honored to have so much support from the community.

Thank you.

25-Hour Endowment Campaign

In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, the Community Foundation
of Bloomington and Monroe County hosted an exciting new opportunity
to help area nonprofits grow their endowments.

It offered $150,000  as a proportional match to 10 local agencies
as part of Match Madness. This event took place
in lieu of the Matchstick program on March 11.